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100% Pure Triphala Powder – The Natural Solution For Constipation & Gas Relief(100 GM)

100% Pure Triphala Powder – The Natural Solution For Constipation & Gas Relief(100 GM)

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FORMULATION – Triphala is a traditional Ayurvedic herbal formula composed of three fruits: amla, haritaki, and bibhitaki. The combination of these three fruits provides a balance of sweet, sour, and astringent tastes, which help to nourish and cleanse the body.

BENEFITS – Triphala has been used for centuries in India for its numerous health benefits, including supporting digestive health, promoting regular bowel movements, and overall well-being.

EASE OF USE – The vegetarian powder extract is easy to consume and contains no fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients.

TESTED FOR SAFETY – The formula is carefully prepared using high-quality, certified organic ingredients, ensuring the purity and potency of the product.

HOW TO USE – For an easy intake, consume 1 tsp (3 to 5 GM) once or twice daily, with lukewarm water or honey, or as directed by the physician.


Triphala Powder is a great source of dietary nutrition for people in pursuit of increased physical health, a clean digestion and an even temperament. Triphala powder’s three natural components are Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki. Amalaki strengthens the immune system and has a high vitamin C content. Bibhitaki soothes inflammation in dosha imbalances and is effective in burning digestive gas and acidity. Haritaki purifies impurities from the blood and stimulates healthy metabolism. Triphala Powder is used by people with the goal to maintain a healthy gut.

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Benefits of Triphala Powder

  • Benefits of Triphala Powder

    Promotes Gut Health

  • Benefits of Triphala Powder

    Improves Vision

  • Benefits of Triphala Powder

    Prevents Infections

  • Benefits of Triphala Powder

    Reduces Premature Aging

How To Use

  • Take 1 SpoonVedikroots Powder

  • Mix in LukewarmWater or Milk

  • Drink it twice Daily


What is Triphala powder?

Triphala powder is a traditional Ayurvedic herbal remedy consisting of a blend of three fruits: Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica), and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula).

How do I use Triphala powder?

Triphala powder can be taken by mixing 1 to 2 teaspoons with warm water or milk. It's usually consumed before bedtime or during the day after having a light meal. 

What are the potential benefits of using Triphala powder?

Triphala is believed to support digestion, promote regular bowel movements, detoxify the body, boost immune function, and aid in weight management. It's also rich in antioxidants that can contribute to overall health.

Is Triphala safe to use daily?

Triphala is generally considered safe for regular use. However, it's recommended to start with a smaller dosage and gradually increase as needed. Consult a doctor before starting any new supplement regimen, especially if you have underlying health conditions or are on medication.

Are there any potential side effects of Triphala powder?

While Triphala is well-tolerated by most individuals, some may experience mild gastrointestinal discomfort, such as bloating or gas, initially. These effects usually subside as the body adjusts to the supplement.

Can Triphala powder be used for weight loss?

Triphala is often included in weight management routines due to its potential to support digestion, detoxification, and metabolism. However, it's important to remember that no supplement can replace a balanced diet and regular exercise for effective weight management.

Can I take Triphala if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

Pregnant and breastfeeding individuals should consult their healthcare provider before using any herbal supplements, including Triphala, to ensure safety for both themselves and their baby.

How should I store Triphala powder?

To maintain its potency, store Triphala powder in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. You can use an airtight pack to protect it from exposure to air.

How long does it take to experience the benefits of Triphala powder?

You need to consume it for at least 2 to 3 months to see its results. Take it regularly once or twice a day with lukewarm water or milk after having a meal.

Can Triphala be used by people of all ages?

Triphala is generally safe for adults of various ages. However, for children or elderly individuals, it's recommended to consult a healthcare professional before use.

Customer Reviews

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Good for health

Very effective, super healthy!

Excellent product!

Vedikroots Triphala Powder is an easy way to support a healthy immune system. The fine-grain powder is easy to take--just mix in water or any liquid. It gives a gentle orange flavor to whatever you add it to.

Kris Erickson
Yummy Triphala Powder

I add a teaspoon to my protein shakes every morning... I feel great! Wonderful bowel movements! Stay clean!

Triphala works great!

Good healthy stuff

Lizette M.

This company is the kind of company that makes the world right. Thank you for your vision, your mission, your products. I will always buy all my future products from this product line. What a great company. All of the different things I have tried so far weather powders or capsules have been top notch!