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100% Pure Talisadi Powder – An Ayurvedic Secret To Treat Dry Cough And Cold!!(100 GM)

100% Pure Talisadi Powder – An Ayurvedic Secret To Treat Dry Cough And Cold!!(100 GM)

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Formulation – A traditionally sourced ayurvedic blend consists of 8 medicinal herbs and spices mainly tailspatra, adrak, black pepper, pippali, vanshalochan, elaichi, darchini and mishri.

The Best Found Relief Providing Supplement For Cough And Cold – Trusted by generations of families for its effectiveness and natural goodness, Talishadi Powder helps soothe throat irritations, relieve nasal congestion, and reduce coughing.

Ease Of Use – Available in powder form, packaged in an airtight pouch, it can be taken orally as a supplement to improve overall respiratory health, or as needed for acute symptoms.
100% Pure And Natural – Free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, the formulation is safe for all ages.

How To Use – Mix 1-2 teaspoons of powder into lukewarm water or honey once or twice day, 30 minutes after meals, or as directed by a physician.

When you’re training, your respiratory system organ is working a lot more than usual. Talishadi Powder is here to suit your needs. It contains essential ingredients like ginger, elaichi, and many others that contribute to easing the discomfort because of a cough or cold and providing immunity against cough, cold, and flu, and helping with digestion. You can mix 1-2 tsp powder with honey or lukewarm water and consume it once or twice daily, or as directed by the physician.

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Benefits Of Talisadi Powder

  • Benefits of Talisadi Powder

    Relieves Sore Throat 

  • Benefits of Talisadi Powder

    Reduces shortness of breath

  • Benefits of Talisadi Powder

    Increases Appetite

  • Benefits of Talisadi Powder

    Reduces cough symptoms


How To Use

  • Take 1 SpoonVedikroots Powder

  • Mix in LukewarmWater or Milk

  • Drink it twice Daily


What is Talisadi Powder?

Talisadi Powder is a traditional Ayurvedic herbal formulation made from a blend of carefully selected natural ingredients. It is known for its potential to support respiratory health and promote overall well-being.

How does Talisadi Powder work?

Talisadi Powder is believed to have properties that can help alleviate respiratory discomfort, promote healthy digestion, and support the body's natural defense mechanisms.

What are the main ingredients in Talisadi Powder?

Talisadi Powder contains a blend of herbs like Talisapatra (Abies webbiana), Maricha (Piper nigrum), Pippali (Piper longum), and more. These ingredients are chosen for their potential to provide respiratory support and balance.

How do I take Talisadi Powder?

You can mix 2 to 3 gm of Talisadi Powder with honey, warm water, or milk and consume it as directed by the physician. 

Can Talisadi Powder help in respiratory conditions?

Talisadi Powder is formulated to support overall wellness and may offer respiratory comfort as part of its benefits.

Is this product vegan?

Yes, Talisadi Powder is formulated to be suitable for vegans, but we recommend checking the product label for any specific information.

How long should Talisadi Powder take to show its results?

You need to consume it for at least 2 to 3 months to see its results. Take it regularly once or twice a day with lukewarm water or milk after having a meal. 

Where can I buy Talisadi Powder?

You can buy it from our official website, i.e., However, it is also available on e-commerce websites. 

How should I store Talisadi Powder?

To maintain its potency, store Talisadi Powder in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Ensure the container is sealed correctly after each use.

Is Talisadi Powder habit-forming?

Talisadi Powder is not known to be habit-forming. It's a natural herbal formulation that aims to support wellness without inducing dependence.

Can I take Talisadi Powder on an empty stomach?

You should not take Talisadi Powder on an empty stomach. It's generally a good practice to consume 20 to 30 minutes after having a meal. 

Customer Reviews

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jessica taror
Must have

Must have for the medicine cabinet! My kid gets a cough every fall. Heard about this, and she's been cough free since the first night taking it.

ross william
This is my wife's favourite

When ever she get coughing, it lasts for few days and this is the only thing that helps her. Great product for us.

Good herbal

Good medicine

Good product

Very helpful in cough, cold.

its Vedikroot..cant go wrong

The product quality fine as it is from vedikroots which is a good brand.