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ProstoCalm | Ayurvedic Supplement for UTI Infections| Prostate Health Support

ProstoCalm | Ayurvedic Supplement for UTI Infections| Prostate Health Support

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Formulation:  Vedikroots Prostocalm capsules are a blend of ancient and natural herbs, created to support your prostate health.

UTI Relief: ProstoCalm can help ease the discomfort and pain associated with urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Promotes Prostate Health: Prostate enlargement can lead to urinary problems and discomfort. By maintaining a healthy prostate, ProstoCalm can help reduce the risk of such issues.

Reducing Swelling and Sharp Pain: ProstoCalm contains ingredients that help reduce inflammation and discomfort, leading to a reduction in swelling and relief from sharp pain.

How to Use: Take 1 -2 capsules after meals twice a day with warm water or milk or as directed by the physician.

Price: $28.00

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Benefits of ProstoCalm

  • Enhanced Prostate Health:

    If you're worried about prostate enlargement, then don't; ProstoCalm will help support you in maintaining a healthy prostate.

  • Support Urinary Tract Health:

    ProstoCalm can help provide relief from burning sensations, frequent urination, & general discomfort, and works to alleviate these UTI symptoms.

  • Reduces Inflammation:

    Vedikroots ProstoCalm contains ingredients that can help reduce swelling, sharp pain, and discomfort caused by inflammation.

  • Fight Gonorrhea:

    ProstoCalm's unique formulation has ingredients that can help in the battle against gonorrhea, providing you with added protection.

Why Choose Us

Our products are designed with research-based formula represents our 35 years of Ayurveda excellence & expertise.

  • 100% Natural

  • Vegan

  • Chemical Free

  • Non GMO

  • Extract Based

Direction to Use

  • Take 1 to 2 capsules after meals

  • Take it with warm water or milk

  • Take twice a day or as directed by the physician

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Is ProstoCalm an Ayurvedic medicine?

Yes, ProstoCalm is an Ayurvedic medicine that has been formulated using a combination of ancient herbs like Gokshura, Kachnaar, Varun, Punarnava, Shilajit, and Giloy.

Does it help in managing UTI?

Yes, ProstoCalm helps ease the discomfort and pain associated with UTI (urinary tract infection).

Is it helpful for promoting prostate health?

Yes, it effectively promotes prostate health by keeping it in healthy condition and also helps reduce the risk of prostate health problems.

What are the benefits of ProstoCalm?

It helps improve prostate health, supports urinary tract health, helps reduce inflammation, and fights gonorrhea.

How to take ProstoCalm for the best result?

For the best result, you may take 1 to 2 capsules after meal twice a day or according to the recommended dose of your physician.

Does it help fight gonorrhea?

Yes, this Ayurvedic supplement helps fight gonorrhea and also maintains your prostate health to help you stay healthier.

How does it support urinary tract health?

ProstoCalm supports urinary tract health by managing the burning sensation and frequent urination that is likely to create discomfort for you.

Can ProstoCalm prevent the development of prostatitis?

Yes, it is an herbal supplement to enhance prostate health and also provides additional protection to help you stay healthy naturally.

Can ProstoCalm be consumed regularly?

This is an Ayurvedic supplement but for a positive result, you must consult healthcare professionals before consuming it.

Does it help manage the prostate enlargement effectively?

Yes, ProstoCalm contains Ayurveda herbs that provide the required medicinal values to help you manage the problems associated with prostate enlargement.